The Simplest, Yet Most Comprehensive Custom Storage Warranty In The Industry

Your Project Is Warranted For As Long As You Live In Your Home. Period.

For as long as you live in your home, everything is 100% covered, including any parts, any labor, any defect under conditions of normal use. Your service call, including trip charge, parts, and labor will always be $0.00. Do you REALLY know what is covered in your warranty, and for how long? With most closet companies, YOU DON’T, because they don’t want you to know! At Incognito, here’s what you get when we build you a custom closet:

The other guys? Not so much. Here are some common tricks/problems/annoyances:

  • Sometimes the warranty is pro-rated, meaning it decreases over time.
  • Others require you to pay a “trip charge” no matter what the problem is.
  • Others don’t cover labor.
  • Hardware is almost never covered.
  • One common trick is to simply “refer you back to the manufacturer” which means you’ve got to make a ton of aggravating phone calls to track somebody down to do the warranty work. We ARE the manufacturer—you only have one call.
  • Exclusions are a big issue; some companies will not cover certain kinds of problems at all.
  • Finally, you’ve got to have faith that the company you’re buying from will even have a working phone number 2, 5, 15 years down the road if/when you need some help. Look at track records.

We’ve Got Your Back. For Life.