About Us

Quality does cost more… but not by much.

Yes, you have dozens–maybe even hundreds–of options for organizing your closets. And the question we get all the time is “Why should we go with Incognito?” To be upfront with you, we’re not the cheapest solution. We’re also not the fastest. If you’re looking for fast & cheap, start at the Home Depot or Lowe’s, and call around to some of our competitors. That being said, our closets are not exclusively for the rich and famous either.

In fact, our average customer spends between $2,000 & $3,000 with us on their closets at a time (yes, several come back for additional projects!). In other words, we cater to people who can afford to do the job right the first time; people who want the job to last forever, and who don’t want to save a few dollars by using cheap hardware and materials instead of quality ones.

Here’s what you really want and need to know: Our warranty is 100% lifetime parts and labor BECAUSE ALMOST NOTHING EVER BREAKS. 82% of our jobs are with previous customers–they like us enough to come back. We do a really good job–and we have since 1994. Call us to discuss your project, 901-387-4523.